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A solution for homelessness - in the church!

Cape Town is currently facing a huge challenge of homelessness. However, it is not only the Mother City that is experiencing this challenge, but also numerous other towns in our region. The question is: where does the solution lie? In Cape Town alone, a place of refuge for over 10 000 people is sought (this excludes general housing shortages).

New research indicates that churches are in an excellent position to address this issue. Small groups of people, where community life can be strengthened, values can be established and integration into society can take place is the ideal. Unused buildings at churches can be used superbly for this purpose and the good news is that funds are quite possibly available for this. No financial burden is then placed on congregations. There are also certain "exit" strategies in place that ensure that it is actually just an overnight facility. The crisis that arose in the Methodist Church in Cape Town previously regarding this issue is thus avoided.

Dehuminisation of the homeless

Homeless people all over the world are treated as sub-humans as we speak. Most people experience it on a subconscious level. 

We want to raise awareness on the treatment of homeless people. Please read and share the tips below on how you can still help the homeless without dehumanising them. 

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