Dr. Braam Hanekom and the Centre for Public Witness visit towns all over South Africa to facilitate discussions with the community and its leaders in order to cultivate a culture of unity and mutual respect. The ultimate goal is to establish a sense of caring and helpfulness among the people within the community. 

Since 2019, the Centre for Public Witness has been helping church groups in towns to reflect on the social cohesion in their towns. In such a talk, the following four questions are usually asked:

  • What is the state of relations and social cohesion in the town?

  • What are currently the biggest challenges?

  • How do the different communities see it?

  • What are the one or two actions that need to be launched now?

#100DorpeDialoog takes place in five towns during July and August 

We are excited to announce the following dates and locations, where inclusive courageous conversations about the future of the towns will take place this term: 


Those interested in similar conversations in their town or who want to attend some of these conversations, please contact Annelie at spg@kaapkerk.co.za. Alternatively, you can complete the form below.

We believe social cohesion in South Africa is possible. But we know we cannot do it alone. We need you help! Please complete the form below and we will arrange a session with community leaders and members in your town or suburb. 

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