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About Hope and Reconciliation Trust

The Hope and Reconciliation Trust is a non-profit organisation, focused on promoting hope in South Africa.


Their GROEI-project is new, but its already taken more than 50 communities/areas in our country a step towards living a healthier life.


This project will teach communities how to live a more sustainable life. It will not only enrich their way of living, but also enrich a healthier earth. 

Scroll down and learn more about this project and how you can become part of it.

How can you become part of this project? 

1. You can purchase seeds, at a special price, from the Hope and Reconciliation Trust. They receive special prices and donations for this project.

2. You can apply to receive the seeds as a donation.

3. You can make a financial donation towards the project (contact us:

The GROEI project spreads winter and summer crops which grow easy in various amounts. There are Vegetable Garden Kits available at R250 each - 5 winter crops, 5 summer crops, information and fertilization. This can provide a family with vegetables for a whole year. They can also donate in some cases. To be a successful vegetable gardener, you will need the following:

1. Seeds

2. Water

3. Fertile ground

4. Passion and patience​

GROEI provide the seeds. Water is given in each season by our Father, but some of you may be blessed with a borehole, river or water tank. Fertile ground can be created by making a hole in the ground as big as a door and deep enough to deposit all organic kitchen waste. After a month (or more) this hole gets covered with soil and then you can sow your seeds.

It brings us closer to God and teaches us how to live independently.

It brings us closer to the ground and teaches us that food does not really come from supermarkets.

It is green and sustainable.

It is healthy and keeps people busy, even the elderly.

Which products are available? 

Why is the GROEI project so important?

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