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Dr. Braam Hanekom en die Sentrum vir Publieke Getuienis besoek dorpe regoor Suid -Afrika om gesprekke met die gemeenskap en sy leiers te fasiliteer om sodoende 'n kultuur van eenheid en wedersydse respek te kweek. Die uiteindelike doel is om 'n gevoel van omgee en diensbaarheid by die mense binne die gemeenskap te vestig.

Sedert 2019 is die Sentrum vir Publieke Getuienis besig om kerkgroepe op dorpe te help om oor die gevoel van samesyn in hul dorpe na te dink. By so ‘n dorpsgesprek word die volgende vier vrae gewoonlik gestel:


  • Wat is die stand van verhoudinge en sosiale kohesie op die dorp?

  • Wat is tans die grootste uitdagings?

  • Hoe sien die verskillende gemeenskappe dit?

  • Wat is die een of twee aksies wat nou geloods moet word?

As daar mense is wat belangstel in soortgelyke gesprekke in hulle gemeenskap, kan hulle gerus die onderstaande vorm invul. Indien daar persone is wat van die gesprekke wil bywoon, kontak asseblief ons kantoor by

Ons glo dat sosiale kohesie in Suid-Afrika moontlik is. Maar ons weet dat ons dit nie alleen kan doen nie. Ons het jou hulp nodig! Blaai gerus af om van ons mees onlangse terugvoer te lees. 


Voltooi die onderstaande vorm en ons reël 'n sessie met gemeenskapsleiers en lede in jou dorp of voorstad.

Doen nou aansoek! Kom ons fasiliteer  'n gesprek in u gemeenskap

Together, Cloetesville's leaders want to make a difference

Approximately 60 Cloetesville leaders and community members met on Saturday 16 October to address the biggest challenges facing the community. The gathering is the initiative of Malena Fourie, who received significant support from all the role players in the community, in collaboration with the Centre for Public Witness. Braam Hanekom gives us feedback on the discussion.


"The group decided to create a platform that will meet more frequently in the future in order to discuss the following issues in the hope of achieving concrete results:

  • The establishment of a multi-purpose centre where both skills training and the healing of trauma will be addressed.

  • The clarification and establishment of updated value systems as well as the role of parents in this connection. This includes respect for each other and the community.

  • The needs of young people, including unemployment and substance abuse.

  • Cooperation between NGOs.

  • Gangs and the absence of role models.

  • Safe spaces for entertainment and leadership training.


The participants decided to draw up a memorandum of understanding that will determine the platform's mandate. The six members of the management group who have been selected are Edward Crawley, Kevin Jooste, Valerie Fernandez, Magdalene Blankenberg, Martinus Groenewald and Kauthar Adams. People who want to receive further information or make contributions can call Malena Fourie on 083 858 9779."

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Engaging with NGOs and other interest groups in George

The Centre for Public Witness held a discussion in George on Tuesday 20 September. In this discussion, members of NGOs, the police, the local government and the chamber of commerce participated. The above-mentioned role players discussed how cooperation among workers in the town can keep the George region thriving. 




The George Community Network will seek to continue the discussion that has taken place in the months ahead. An annual conference is currently in the works that will bring civil society, businesses, and the state together to energize, inspire, and equip NGOs for their work. This community network will also work towards a common vision and goal where social cohesion, relationships and trust can be restored.

We also talked about how a joint value system could be developed for George. In the meantime, we must take note of the fact that there are 270 churches and only five police stations in George. It is clear that the church is much better positioned to make a difference, but we need to join hands and work together more closely. We are really looking forward to the wonderful future that God has prepared for George.

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Inclusive discussions are the way forward

In the wake of two more inclusive discussions in Heidelberg and Oudtshoorn, Braam Hanekom tells us that South Africans must continue with dialogues.

"It is encouraging to hear a spectrum of people from sectors such as agriculture, health services, local government, the business sector and even a rugby club talking together. Civil society's relationship with local governments remains a major challenge. Furthermore, unemployment and economic growth, our youth and housing are among the issues that must remain on communities' agendas."

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