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Why do we need public witnesses?

Braam Hanekom

In my opinion, there are some things that should be very high on our agenda if we want to talk and dream about a happy future.

• Growing poverty

• A broken economy

• Education

• Land and housing

• Growing removals and polarization

There are more, but these are certainly enough for now. It is in such a world and country that I cling to a few things.

• The LIGHT that should not be under a bucket, but should shine IN the darkness. The darkness will NOT overwhelm it. However, we must be THERE!

• The POWER of the GOSPEL. We do not have to change the world and we cannot change it, but we are called and empowered to bring the Gospel TO the world. With word and deed. The Gospel is changing the world. When we become silent, the hope disappears.

Did the Lord close our churches for a moment so that we could work IN the world?

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