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What does the future hold for my community?

The Centre for Public Witness held a workshop with specific focus on social cohesion and the part congregations can play with regards to missional transformation. Representatives from as far as Senekal, Upington, Knysna and Johannesburg attended the event.

Inspirational stories of hope and reconciliation were heard from Senekal, Caledon and Porterville. We also had an honest discussion about how the painful past can be addressed within communities. How do we restore the network of relationships and become “our” town? Additionally, we looked at what impact housing, or rather the lack of housing, has on social cohesion (Quinton Adams and his Backyard Varsity) and how we can make a concrete difference.

The cry of help rising from our country's youth was discussed. Ways to approach and hold the local government accountable in an appropriate manner were also discussed. Concrete action steps were listed. For more information, please contact the office at

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