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Statement on the situation in Zimbabwe

The Centre for Public Witness wants to raise its serious concern about the developing situation in Zimbabwe and especially the abuses of human rights and the government’s hostile stance against churches and NGOs.

A couple of weeks ago the Catholic Bishops Conference of Zimbabwe issued a pastoral letter in this regard. It was met with severe opposition from government. A number of other churches and ecumenical networks then responded in support. We feel that is our duty to add our voice to the list of protesters.

▪️ Catholic Bishops Conference

▪️ Southern African Catholic Bishops

▪️ Vatican 'endorsement'/acknowledgement

▪️ ZCC (Zimbabwean Council of Churches)

▪️ EFZ (Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe)

▪️ WCC (World Council of Churches, including Lutherans, Methodists, World Alliance of Reformed Churches) i.e. Global Church Groups

▪️ Catholic Bishops Law Association

▪️ ZDD (Zimbabwe Divine Destiny) - A respected Church Advocacy Organisation

▪️ 7th Day Adventist Law Association

▪️ Zimbabwe Anglicans

▪️ ZLHR (Zimbabwean Lawyers for Human rights endorsement)

▪️ PCC (Platform for Concerned Citizens) endorsement

▪️ UN concern Statement

We ask that:

▪️ people pray for Zimbabwe ▪️ SADC (Southern African Development Community) to intervene ▪️ All political prisoners to be released immediately

▪️ A #FreeZim movement to be launched with a conference asap in SA.

#Zimbabwe #help #hope

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