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Racism stands in the way of social cohesion in SA

The conversation about racism has been on South Africa's table for several decades, but has intensified in recent months. The country is flooded with news reports, opinions and statements, so much so that one wonders if there is anything new to add.

The big question we are currently struggling with is: how is our country going to cultivate mutual respect? Will people be able to stop their obsession with power and greed? How will South Africans learn to live and let live? Maybe it's because we do not yet understand the lesson, that we are still flourishing under racism?

Braam Hanekom wants to emphasise the church's role in the fight against racism. "The church is carrying a heavy weight on her shoulder to show the way forward. No more waiting. No more procrastinating. Now is the opportune moment. No more excuses. We have no more time and there is too much we can lose. May we thrive in our differences and enrich each other.”

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