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Public Witness reflects on evangelism

The Centre for Public Witness facilitated a two-day workshop at the Andrew Murray Centre for Spirituality in Wellington last week. It was attended by ministers, church members with an interest in the field, full-time evangelists, ex-missionaries (such as Rev. Tobie de Wet, Japansending) and Ministers in Synodal Service (PSDs).

While looking at material such as Alpha and “Dra die Goeie Nuus,” much deeper questions were asked. Matters such as the state of the church (church concept), the spaces our congregations create, our preaching, the current faith experience of our members, the lack of apologetic thinking, evangelism not as a program, but lifestyle and educational opportunities to students, pastors and members were brought up.

Follow-up workshops are being planned in other regions. For more information, interested parties can contact the office at Meanwhile, the executive committee of Witness Ministry has approved the establishment of a full-fledged Evangelism Task Force.

Find full feedback of the event here:

Verslag oor die werkswinkel van evangelisasie_Feb2022
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