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Please pray for Mozambique and Ethiopia

We call for serious intercession for the deteriorating situations in Mozambique and Ethiopia.

The Centre for Public Witness calls for serious intercessory prayer for the deteriorating situation in Mozambique's Cabo Delgado province where ISIS militants used a soccer field in a local town as an execution ground.

Residents who tried to flee were caught and taken to the local soccer field where they were beheaded and hacked to pieces in an atrocity carried out from Friday night to Sunday, according to Pinnacle News. More than 50 people were beheaded. Read more about the current situation in Mozambique here.

The Centre also calls for prayer for the situation in Ethiopia. Hundreds of Ethiopians have died in airstrikes and other attacks amid fears that Ethiopia will declare civil war, given the deep-seated hostility between the Tigrayans and Abiy Ahmed (Prime Minister of Ethiopia), from the largest ethnic group in the country, Oromo.

Over 8 000 refugees have fled to Sudan since Tuesday and the African Union has called for a ceasefire in a northern Ethiopian region, where Abiy Ahmed is conducting a military offensive against local leaders who are challenging his authority. Click here for more information.

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