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Agriculture joins hands in De Aar

Updated: Oct 5

The Institute for Sustainable Social Development invited the Centre for Public Witness to facilitate a conference for emerging farmers in De Aar. This event took place at the end of September 2021.

Experts from the commercial agricultural sector were asked to present the course. 52 emerging farmers from towns such as Noupoort, De Aar, Richmond, Britstown, Philipstown, Hanover and Victoria West attended the conference. Basic training in agriculture was provided.

The conference took place in the Dutch Reformed Church De Aar's hall. Complex issues such as the over-utilization of common lands were addressed. Also the distrust between emerging farmers and established farmers. However, the event was a wonderful exercise in building social cohesion and mutual trust. Basic perspectives on the conservation of soil, plants, animals, humans and sustainable food supply were addressed.

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