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Land, housing and the homeless

Colleagues, we would like to provide a brief summary of what we heard this morning. Please feel free to add additional information.

· A policy is in place, but far too little money and a slow, clumsy implementation.

· State land should be made available at a much faster rate.

· What would be a problem with Wingfield and others?

· Churches and NGOs will have to join hands and insist on discussions with the state.

· Cooperation with the government must be sought, but a greater activist role will also have to be played.

· The process is currently too opaque (too top-down) with hopelessly too little consultation.

· Processes take too long. Transparent short-, medium- and long-term plans must be insisted upon.

· There is not enough science-based action.

· Patterns change all the time. "Backyard shacks" are now virtually more prominent than "independent shacks."

· Not “one size fits all”: For example, social, informal and GAP.

· The whole issue of homelessness requires a different approach.

· We are currently working on obsolete housing concepts.

· Lack of leadership to drive the whole process.

· We need more social laboratories (innovation).

· The above context creates a toxic context, within which land grabs/crime, racial tension, political tension and opportunism and police brutality thrive. This creates a form of anarchy.

· There are many questions about the allocation of houses and title deeds.

· One last question from me: Do we still have to give people houses at all? Or much rather serviced land and then empowering people to build their own home.

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