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Kleinmond Learning Centre wants to motivate learners

In a recent interview with Overstrand Herald, Braam Hanekom talks about the number of possibilities that are being investigated to expand the Kleinmond Learning Centre's curriculum. "We have noticed that especially high school students lost their motivation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only have thousands of learners dropped out of the education system, but more and more learners are asking why they have to work hard in matric when work after school is becoming scarcer anyway. Motivation is currently a big problem.”

Overstrand Herald further reports that the Kogelberg Educational Trust's trustees have come to the realization that extra classes in maths and languages alone will not help. Therefore, extra sessions specifically on mentorship and motivation are being considered. They want to hold weekly sessions on staying motivated, discipline, after-school qualifications, scholarships, etc. at the learning centre. "Children must experience that they have value and this is only attained by paying special attention to them. Our challenge now is much greater than the mere offering of help with the ordinary curriculum.”

Photo: Overstrand Herald

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