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What does our future hold?

The Centre for Public Witness is hosting a day conference on 3 March at the Andrew Murray Centre for Spirituality in Wellington. We are going to discuss the future through a number of lenses.

The Institute for Future Research (IFR, Stellenbosch University) will facilitate the conversation with specific focus on future-oriented thinking. However, we are also going to look at the future taking economic, political, social, church and faith into account.

Our panel of experts include: Prof André Roux (IFR), Christine Quickfall (Badisa), Zanne Horrell (IFR), Heindrich Wyngaard and prof Kobus Schoeman (UV)

  • You also have the option to stay over at the Andrew Murray Centre at R400 pp. to participate in the Debriefing discussions until 10:30 on the 4th of March.

Register: Annelie at

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