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Courageous Conversations in Klerksdorp

The Centre for Public Witness along with Gregory Modungwa from Unashamedly Ethical recently facilitated a Courageous Conversation discussion in Klerksdorp. Thirty individuals from diverse backgrounds and sectors attended the event. Braam Hanekom is grateful to everyone who formed part of this conversation. He believes that the people who have dedicated their time to this event have already rendered an invaluable service to South Africa.

During this Courageous Conversation, the community talked about the future of their town and the country. Clearly South Africa is currently facing enormous challenges. It was realized that South Africans would have to change their way of thinking to move forward. We continue to reinforce the same old narratives about "the other" within our different communities. The importance of exposure to people from different races, cultures and backgrounds should not be underestimated. Participants in this discussion also revealed that they feel that South Africans lack respect for each other and that this is accompanied by deficient ethics and values. The people in our country are living with the unjust expectation that someone else can and should fix the problems. But why do we not ask: what can I and my community do to help?

Furthermore, the country's youth are without direction and motivation. Crime, drugs, neglect and a lack of trust are the result. The question remains on everyone's lips: where are the leaders? But no one realizes that they also have a leadership role to play. There is currently a lack of cooperation and teamwork between community members that urgently needs to be rectified. In this process, reconciliation will take place in a natural manner, value-driven leadership will flourish and diversity will be celebrated.

But without social cohesion, all our efforts are in jeopardy. Unfortunately, we cannot change everything, but we can lay down one brick. It will take time, but increased social cohesion in South Africa is definitely possible.

Reaching this milestone requires regular prayer. Community members should also be encouraged to build partnerships and work in a team. Clarifying a clear vision (spiritual image) of the transformation you want to see in the community is also essential. Are we brave enough to ask WHY? Why are we in the state we are in? How do we motivate our youth, change values and restore our families? What is the next step you need to take?

Klerksdorp and the wider South African society remain in our prayers.

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