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A meeting with the Western Cape Ecumenical Network

The Western Cape Ecumenical Network (WCEN) met on Wednesday evening, 11 March 2020, to discuss the challenges being faced in the communities of Atlantis, Delft, Vrygrond, Manenberg and Beacon Valley. The importance of inclusivity and social cohesion within communities in South Africa was discussed extensively. This discussion was led by a diverse panel of experts: Quinton Adams, educational psychologist and founder of The Shackbuilder, Braam Hanekom, director of the Centre for Public Witness, and Bonga Mbenenge, minister of the Uniting Reformed Church of Southern Africa (URCSA).

The panel declared that all hope is not lost for South Africa and emphasized that the role of the Church regarding social cohesion should not be overlooked. The Church has the capacity to influence positive change within society. However, if communities are unwilling to work towards a common goal, this may prove to be a daunting task. Thus, the panel urges South Africans to stop waiting for the government of other influential individuals to bring about change. They want to encourage the nation to take action themselves by constantly doing small, yet great things for others.

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