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We want to bring the Gospel to the marketplace in the widest possible sense. We proclaim the reconciliation message of Jesus Christ, but also strive to give this message a concrete form in the most topical issues with which we are confronted. We seek to promote conversation and dialogue at the local level and increase the church's contact and networks with the media, government and business.

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More than ever before, South Africa needs a new social compact and much greater social cohesion. This will lead to greater mutual trust, without which we will no longer be able to cope since the country is currently financially and morally bankrupt.

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A resilient social compact requires a dynamic agreement between the state and society on how to live together, and how to address issues of power and resources.

For such an agreement to contribute to peace and societal well-being, it must be reflected in the mechanisms, policies and responses that uphold the agreement. This needs to be done in a way that’s flexible and responsive, especially in times of crisis.

Research across nine countries, including in South Africa, found that social cohesion is a key driver. Social cohesion builds on the concept of social solidarity, which lies in areas of trust and respect, belonging and identity, and participation.


- The Conversation

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